BestMan registration benefits

  • The free version does not have any time limitation, but offers only basic camera parameters
  • No watermarking of saved BESTSHOT scenes like in the free version
  • Registered version offers more advanced camera parameters (e.g. night mode)


The registration of BestMan costs 12 Euro or 16 US$


  • Valid for all supported cameras
  • Includes all future updates to version 2.x.x
  • Free bugfix and e-mail support


  • Bank money transfer to my bank account in Germany (possible from all EU countries)
  • Secure payments via credit-card (world wide secure handling by PayPal)
  • Direct PayPal money transfers (world wide, all countries)

Register BestMan now - proceed to order form»

  • After the payment has been received, you will be sent a personal download link for the full version and a registration code via E-Mail.
  • Free version

    Basic parameters avialable

  • Registered version

    All parameters available